We’re back for the 2021 Virtual Season!!

2020 has not gone the way that we expected it to. After a long season of working hard on our robot, we were, unfortunately, unable to compete in the competitions scheduled in March and April. Despite being let down by the unavoidable circumstances, as a team, we still achieved so much in the 2019-2020 season. With the same goal in mind, the RoboRavens are delighted to be participating in this upcoming season. 

In November, we held our first ever google meet. The turnout was great as the majority of our members will be returning for another fantastic year! We went over how the season might look with the current state of the world, including the three challenges FIRST has provided for the upcoming season: Game Design Challenge, Innovation Challenge, and Infinite Recharge at home. Communication is more crucial this year compared to previous years, which makes it beneficial for us to discuss issues that we would face and possible solutions. The team came together to give input on project management, schedule solutions, and many more. We talked about:

  • Practicing CAD at home
  • Practicing C++ 
  • Constantly checking communication platforms (Slack, Google Classroom)
  • Mini projects to continue learning
  • Meeting schedule
  • Build team will be joining the design team 

Due to COVID-19, the RoboRavens will be working remotely, but that doesn’t mean that we will stop pursuing robotics! We plan on making this a memorable year and learn lots of new things along the way. Congratulations to all the teams that will be partaking in Game Changers. We look forward to seeing you all for another great season! May the FIRST be with you!

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