Weeks Three & Four!

Our third and fourth week were primarily focused on working in our four separate subdivisions, and letting people study for their exams. The pacing of our work was slowed down, due to the reduced amount of time we were able to work on the robot. Each team had a list of tasks that we accomplished in the past two weeks, with discussions between the teams, to further strive in the build season.

The design team finished designing the individual parts that each person was assigned, allowing the completion of a full robot to be made on Inventor. Using this completed robot, the design team had discussions with the other subteams, and mentors for their input on how the robot could be improved. The design team put their input into consideration and adjusted the robot accordingly to advance the completion of the final product.

In the past two weeks, the build team predominantly focused on finishing the prototype robot. They assembled the electronics board and started to wire and solder all the components together. With this prototype robot, the other subteams can test their work for the actual robot, whether it’d be code or a design. Some build members worked with the design team to prototype their ideas, so a visual could be made, to create a better understanding of how the assembly would work and what would need to be changed.

With the help of others, the business team continued to work on the Chairman’s Award, by finalizing the essay and creating the plan for the Chairman’s video. They identified who wanted to be included in the video, figured out where and how they were going to film and started the filming process. Along with the members of other subteams, they were able to finish collecting the scouting data, allowing them to organize and analyze the data in an informative document, which the entire team has access to. Because of the emphasis on strategy in this year’s game, the scouting data will be the key to success.

The programming team finished writing a multitude of codes for the robot. The base code for basic functions of the robot has been completed and tested on the roboRIO. In addition, the codes for our drivetrain has been finished, but still need to be tested. The sensors that were decided in week two, have been studied and are now being worked on for the finalized bot. They also discussed and programmed driver assist functions that may be useful this year, with the input of drivers from previous years.

With exams out of the way and the start of a new semester, the RoboRavens are now free to focus completely on work on the robot. Only two weeks left until bag and tag day, stay tuned for updates on how the completed robot will look like!

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