Week Six!

Over the last week, we worked at full capacity to finish the robot before Stop Build Day. We were able to work around the clock to allow time for testing and to fix any problems that may arise, as well as practicing driving.

The manufacturing team has been working extremely hard, finishing up any final touches to the wiring, drivetrain and the lifting mechanism. With Stop Build Day on the horizon, their job is almost done, for now. We will however still need them at full attention when any fixes or modifications need to made to the robot. Even with all the work to be done, we have still found time to work on the bumpers on the robot as well. 

The programmers have been testing and developing our driver assist functions, along with the creation of the code behind the main parts of the lifting mechanism. The team had worked, finished and tested the claw of the robot. All functions of the claw have been tested and work properly. Their job is not yet complete, they have a lot of work to do for autonomous code and testing on the prototype robot, and ready ourselves for our first competition at Durham College in Whitby, ON.

The admin team has also been working very hard creating the scouting system, for the events, and writing up the Dean’s Awards for a couple of our veteran students. They have also been working on our Chairman’s Award Presentation, readying themselves for our Durham college competition.

The drive team has continued their driving practice with last year’s robot. The drive team has been spending a lot of their time to practice before the competition. They used makeshift obstacles and a lot of different parts of the school to test their driving skills.

With the competition coming up soon. The team has been very busy getting the last touches done to the robot before it got bagged. As well as getting as much of the programming done. There’s only so little time left before the competition, we hope that all teams are as excited for Durham as we are, and have had a productive last week of build.

Keep your eyes open for more updates on the season, and stay tuned to our social media!

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