Week Five!

We have been working very hard through week 5! This week, we finished majority of the work we had left from the past 4 weeks. Unlike our past years, we wanted to ensure that this year, we will not have to rush our robot in the final days of build season.

Our manufacturing team has been quite busy this week getting robot built for the competition. They have completed majority of the robot and a only a few things are left to be installed on the robot. The spine of the robot is almost done and the arms have been welded. Adapters have been made for several parts of the robot and the team continues to work on wiring.

The business team has been very swamped this week. They finished editing the Woodie Flowers award, and finally finished creating the Chairman’s video and essay. This will be the first year our team submitted the Chairman’s award. Creating the contents for the award was a hard and grueling process especially since it was our first time. To create it, we first looked at some of the winner of the past years and took inspiration from them. For the essay, we created a list of all of the things our team has done and created the essay from those ideas. We now have to create the presentation for the Chairman’s award.

Our programming team has been working diligently to finish the code. This week they kept working on gyro, arm, lead-screw, and claw with CAN bus controller using limit switches and encoders. They have finished all of the drivetrain program, including crab walk, and 90 degree and 180 degree turns. The team has also added case statement for different motor controllers from past robots, our protocase, and this years’ robot to facilitate our testing.

The drive team has been waiting patiently throughout the build season, and their wait is finally over! With much of the program completed, the drivers have started practicing using last year’s robot. Preparations for the competition have also been underway as it has been decided who will attend. Half the team is able to represent the RoboRavens at Durham, while the rest will represent the team at North Bay.

Week 5 has been very busy but our team knows it will all pay off when we go to the competition. We all very excited for build season to finish so we can see our robot on the field. We wish all of the teams a good last week of build season!

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