Two Weeks Left!

With exams approaching, the RoboRavens have been working hard into the end of the new semester. Week 1 was largely composed of brainstorming and organizing the RoboRavens into different teams based on their interests and strengths. This led to week 2, where programmers focused on learning Raspberry Pi Vision. The build and design teams collaborated to prototype ideas conceived in the previous week. The admin team continued contacting sponsors and creating the team brochure. With exams happening, most of week 3 was taken off for studying.  Since the kick off in January, the team has been meeting every night after school, staying late into the evening, as well as staying a few weekends to make up for crucial time missed during exam week.

After weeks of prototyping and team meetings to debate the pros and cons of various ideas, the build team finally begins the fabrication of our robot. For the shooter mechanism, holes have been drills to fasten mini CIMs to aluminum. A second version of the gear mechanism is underway, with a cardboard template constructed and metal fittings bent to attach to the final product, which will be made from LEXAN. With the robot frame cut to size using a horizontal band saw, the frame has been assembled, wheels and motors attached, and a support beam has been added. A cardboard boiler with reflective tape has also been constructed for the programming team for testing later on. Our builders continue working eagerly to complete our robot!

Our design team has been clicking away on Fusion 360. With the latest versions of the shooter completed, motor mounts and deflectors were designed. With that, we have assembled the final version of the robot. This week, our designers focus on the addition of last-minute details. They are adding motors, sensors, and finishing animating the newly assembled parts.

Programming has been progressing wonderfully with the help of our mentors! Our programmers are mastering Raspberry Pi Vision, and are typing away to complete their code in time to test on the actual robot next week. Using the prototype bot, the drive code is confirmed to be functioning smoothly. This week, they learn to use encoders, progress on the climb and ball intake codes, and will to use the cardboard boiler to perfect the shooter code. After some struggle, the team finally has a working repository on GitHub!

Our administrators have been powering through work behind the scenes! Over the past month, they have been contacting potential sponsors, revamping the team’s website, recreating the team’s brochure, and planning events for community outreach. For this week, the team has created an outline and has delegated tasks to create a business plan.

With the bag and tag date rapidly approaching, preparations for the competition are underway. Sign up sheets for the pit team have been put out, scouting sheets have been made, and meetings will be held to discuss game strategy with potential drive team members.

Two weeks are left, and it’s FULL STEAM ahead!
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