The Conspiracy

conspiracy (noun) – A group of ravens.

The following groups conspire to make the RoboRavens successful. As a team, we take great pride in ensuring that the students are responsible for every aspect of team operations.


The heart of the conspiracy are students from Grade 9 through Grade 12. The students are responsible for design, fabrication, assembly, programming and marketing.

Our veteran students also take an active role in teaching rookie members on every aspect of their FIRST experience including teaching them safety procedures, proper use of tools, design techniques, CAD, programming and wiring among many others.


Led by Ross Morrison, a handful of teachers volunteer their time to help teach the students the necessary skills to work through the season.


Many of our own graduates, along with FRC alumni from other teams return regularly to assist the team, bringing with them the knowledge and experience they gained during their tenure in the program.


Led by Paul Dufresne and Alain St-Amant, a group of dedicated mentors, industry professionals who work alongside the teachers and alumni to guide the students. These volunteers donate countless hours to help these students.


The RoboRavens would be unable to compete each season without the support of our sponsors. The corporate sponsors and educational institutions that assist us every year make this program possible.

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