Support The RoboRavens

Many thanks for the our Sponsors for our 2017 Build season!

Special Thanks to….

-City Councillor  Jan Harder -
-Denny Lee

Thank you to the parents of Longfields Davidson High School , for your continuous support  in the team’s progress. We, as a the robotics club of Longfields Davidson high school, are trying to make the next generations of scientists, engineers and leaders by giving them tasks and challenges that will bring the creativity out of our students , which will in turn help them with obstacles they may face in the future.

As you know, Longfields customarily has a fundraiser at the beginning of the school year to pay for things that are not fully covered by the school budgets, such as the robotics club that is held as both a course and a club.

If you have connections technology companies and can help with the sponsorship of our team please contact Ross Morrison at

If you wish to learn more about sponsorship of the team, please take a look at out sponsorship package.

RoboRavens Sponsor Package

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