Rookie Orientation Day!

One of the values our team is proud of is that everyone enjoys what they do. Students work more efficiently when they have fun with it which is why it is so important that our members participate in an atmosphere that feels right for them. It’s also another reason why every year we have a day dedicated to exploring the options within our team while getting advice from veterans about their futures with the RoboRavens team.

Last Thursday’s meeting started off with a cycle of 4 sessions to go more in depth on the subject of each part of our team. The new members were split up into four groups, each group spending 15 minutes with leads from build, programming, design and administration. The leads of each sub-team used this time to talk about what they do, what it’s like, and most importantly why they love it. There is a place for everyone on our team and we do our best to make sure that everyone finds the place best suited for them. This is also a chance for the rookies to ask as many questions as possible about things such as workload, hours, team interaction and more.

After the orientation the team sat down for an introduction of team-wide communication and this year’s program. We spent a few minutes talking about the team dynamics and how we work, as well as how to use Slack (our communication interface) and answering more questions. Moving on to this year’s program together we watched and rewatched the Deep Space teaser, discussed the inspiration behind the 2019 game, and spent a good while speculating. So many creative and elaborate ideas were brought up and we’re more excited for the kickoff than ever! It was wonderful to see the new members participate and converse with the veterans, bringing the team closer every day.

The meeting came to a close with an online survey for the members to choose their first and second placement choices between build, programming, design and admin. Next week we will start to assign to rookies to their sub-teams, pair up new members with veterans, and get started on some projects that have been prepared for everyone!

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