Process is the Key

Today, our robotics team went over the design process of building a robot. We, as a whole, discussed how poor decisions during the design process can have a significant impact on your end result and cause you to waste valuable time fixing your mistakes.

We went into detail on the steps of a successful design process, as shown in the image above. We learned that a thorough run through our design process can eliminate struggles and problems such as a mistakes manufacturing robot parts. We can prevent this by creating an extensive CAD model. This can also aids the build team by making accessible detailed blueprints.

Using “Rebound Rumble” as our guide, we reviewed another aspect of the design process. We discussed was how to prioritize and plan what elements to add to our robot. We split into groups to select three key capabilities for our robot. When the groups returned, we added all of the capabilities, prioritized them so that if we where to build this robot, we could stay on track on focusingon the most important features of the robot.

When we completed the mock design review, we divided into the our individual sub-teams, each with their own tasks to complete. Madeline the lead of the programming team reviewed the software that controls the robots while a sub-group of programmers focused on learning how to programming vision. Our design team learnedd to make an assembly using CAD and our build team was repairing and modifying our past years robots.


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