Our FIRST Blue Banner

On the first weekend of March, the Roboravens participated at the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) District event held at Durham College in Oshawa, ON. This was the first of two events planned this year, and we walked in completely unprepared.

For the duration of the 6-week build season, our robot was continuously behind schedule, and our plans had considerable difficulty taking root. All in one year, the Roboravens expanded our expertise by using tools and parts we had no experience with, while also facing challenges that we were very lucky to have overcome. Many of our goals got knocked off the table, reducing our bot to a simple but functional design. Little did we know, this would prove to be our greatest strength.

Our initial objective was to play offense, focusing on scoring points by placing game pieces at the higher levels of the playing field. Considering the hindered abilities of our robot, this plan had to be completely scrapped, forcing the team to strategize on the fly and do our best to support our alliances. From there we decided to use our backup mechanism and concentrate solely on lower targets, but soon enough we fell into the role of defender, where our driver quite literally took the wheel, using the recently named robot “Gandalf” to set the defensive standard. We proved ourselves to the other teams, spreading whispers of reputation throughout the pits and onto the field.

Finally, when the time came for alliance selections, the Roboravens were honoured to be the last selected for the number one alliance. We competed alongside the top two teams, 2200 MMRambotics and the 610 Crescent Coyotes, to whom we are deeply grateful for allowing us the chance to show our value. For the first time ever, Team 4783 – the RoboRavens were awarded a blue banner, signifying our triumph.  This is an exciting first win out of all the Ottawa FRC teams! Our exceptional alliance members, as well as all of our incredible sponsors, share this victory.

In overcoming the less-than-smooth flow of the season so far, the team has learned so much about how to adapt to constant change, whether it be in priorities, strategy, or team management. Each and every one of us has grown and flourished, so get ready to catch the Roboravens in action from March 28th-30st at our next district event in North Bay!

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