North Bay!!

On March 30th, the RoboRavens returned home with many new accomplishments under their belts. The North Bay event left us with a memorable competition, semi finalists, and an award.

The bus, full with RoboRavens and Lisgar Robotics students and mentors, arrived in North Bay on the 28th. At the event, the students got to work building the pits where the robot would be worked on, or rest when it wasn’t playing a game. After this, everyone boarded the bus for dinner shared between the two teams. Getting back early for a good night’s sleep was important as the 29th was going to be a big day.

Qualifying matches took place all throughout the first day of the competition. As this was our second event we had come prepared, strategy wise, focusing on the defensive aspect of the game. This was all thanks our drive team: Darren, Tanner, Ammar and the human player Hammad. On the sidelines, the RoboRavens were cheering their hearts out for everyone on the field. The spirit was outstanding! Pom poms were in the air, everyone was dancing, and the chants could be heard from outside of the stadium. By the end of the day, 4783 was able to mount and program a climbing mechanism that we had been working on since our Durham event. It was two ski-like pieces in front of the robot that aid in getting onto the second level climb when we race towards the ramp of the habitat.

The morning of the second day in the competition consisted of the remaining qualification matches. With those over it was time to move onto choosing the alliances. The RoboRavens got chosen to be on 3rd alliance, along with the Crescent coyotes: 610 and the Alpha Dogs: 4946. With our new teammates, we headed into the quarter final matches, ultimately winning the two we needed to make is to semis. This marks the second time we have ever made it to semi finals in the six years the RoboRavens have been a team; the first time was at the Durham event that took place a few weeks ago. Even though we lost our semi final matches, along with our voices from cheering so much, we still had a BLAST.

To end off the event in there was the award ceremony. Awards such as District winners, Safety, and Chairmans are given out here. The RoboRavens proudly received the spirit award thanks to everyone chanting in the stands and our very own Design Lead, Ashwin Boni-Bangari, became a semi finalist in the Dean’s list. He will be moving forward to District Championships along with the rest of the RoboRavens.

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