About Us


Team 4783, the RoboRavens, is a high school robotics teams based out of Longfields-Davidson Heights Secondary School (LDHSS) in Nepean, Ontario, a subdivision of Ottawa, Canada’s National Capital Region. Team 4783 competes in the  FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC).

The RoboRavens are composed of students, student mentors from local universities, and professional mentors from local companies. Every year, the RoboRavens welcome students to join the team regardless of their technical skill level.

Each year, FIRST releases a challenge in January, and the team must build a fully functioning robot in a six week ‘build season’. After this, the team competes in district competitions where their robot, and their teamwork, is put to the test, as they play the game against and alongside other FRC teams.

FIRST is more than just robots. Students on team 4783 learn valuable skills, strategy, critical thinking, and particpate in community events to help build their presence and spread the values of FIRST.

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