Mecanum Shooter

Our first sub project is designed to supply rookies with knowledge to prepare them for build season. They are challenged with the task of constructing a mecanum shooter robot that complies to design constraints such as:

Mecanum drive train with 4 motors

  • Quick connect to protocase, strapped-on on demand
  • 4 pin shooter
    • Strong hold on ball
    • Strong hold on Power-Up Cube
  • CAD design shooter
  • Program mecanum drive train and program shooter
  • Produce CAW

In order to prepare for the Entrepreneurship Award as well as create a template for future years, each sub team has been assigned with planning and organizing tasks that have been done and will be completed in the future. This process will help us organize our time during the build season to ensure that our technical binder is flawless.

We have established a time restraint for our three projects, December 10th, 2018. Being half way through the six week span, we are glad to see the initiatives of students in their completions of their projects. Though there’s still much to be done, we are excited to present our accomplishments to the rest of the team! Through teaching our rookies new skills, we are getting them ready for the fun and exhilarating time of build season.

A rundown of a rookies perspective for week 2 from the build team of subproject 1:

“We started the project by checking to make sure that our wheels and motors were fully functioning. The team re-evaluated the previous year’s robot frame by removing unnecessary screws. The process left us with four ungreased motors that we greased to maximize their performance ability. When reattaching the motors we were faced with the challenge of the robot’s assembly. To compensate we re-screwed three of the four bolts to ensure the motor was secure. I think we all learned the importance of maintaining and adjusting our robots for the benefits of future build seasons. The mistakes we make now will only help us to succeed in the months to come.”

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