Destination: Deep Space – 2019

Destination: Deep Space takes the FIRST robotics competition onto planet primus, to prepare for liftoff! The game centers around two alliances consisting of three teams each competing to place hatch covers and cargo on rockets and cargo ships before returning to their HAB platform to climb at the end of the match.

For the 2019 season, the sandstorm period is the first 15 seconds of the match. During the period, robots act solely on pre-programmed instructions, therefore acting autonomously, or under control of their drivers with the optional aid of a vision system mounted on the robot. For each robot that fully crosses the hab line during the sandstorm period, the alliance earns three points if the robot started on hab level one and six points if the robot started on level two. Robots are also able to earn points for scoring hatch panels and cargo on their alliance’s rockets and cargo ship, for the same value as in driver-operated.

Every hatch panel scored on a rocket or cargo ship will earn two points for the alliance. Additionally, scoring cargo into a rocket or cargo ship will earn three points for the alliance. The last 30 seconds of the driver period is called the end game. During this time, robots can earn additional points by climbing back onto their alliance’s hab platform. A robot ending the match on level one will earn the alliance 3 points while ending the match on level two will earn 6 points and ending the match on level three will earn 12 points.



Please follow the links below to see how the team performed in the 2019 season.
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