Finding Our Passions

Today we were introduced to the various roles that make up our team. Our team leads, our FRC veterans, led presentations to show off what each team has to offer! The manufacturing team showed off last year’s robot and modifications we can make while we prepare for this year’s upcoming competition. The team learned about wiring as well as the robot’s various components.

The new recruits were taught by the design team to communicate their ideas and to get involved in the creation process.

The programming team demonstrated their tech skills in different computing languages, although we primarily work in C++. The RoboRavens are learning how to control the robot.

The marketing team taught the Ravens how to edit our website and what to update and post on our social media feeds. We are to edit documents that we will send to sponsors as well as showing our school and community all that we stand for: gracious professionalism and coopertition.

Each team member will pick their core team and contribute all they can. We can’t wait to start the season!

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