End of the Year BBQ – 2017

Last Friday, June 9, we held our annual End of the Year BBQ! In celebration of the 2017 FRC season, we invited alumni and sponsors to our school, Longfields-Davidson Heights Secondary School, for this evening of delicious food and fun activities.

We kickoff the night with burgers and hot dogs, prepared by our mentor Mr. Morrison and our team captain, Dulini.  After the fulfilling meal, the team members took part in a multitude of activities, from trying out a virtual reality environment to having an entertaining game of “football” in the park whilst enjoying cold beverages and an assortment of snacks. One of our robots, a reprogrammed bomb defusing robot graciously donated to the team, was taken out for leisurely drives by the members of our team. The evening ended off with a delectable chocolate cake.

We thank everyone who has supported us this year. We hope that next year will be even greater!

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