DCMP in Review

We are excited to share with you that the RoboRavens, have had a VERY exciting year!  We previously posted that The RoboRavens have competed at 2 district qualification events where we achieved these awards:

Through all of these accomplishments, the RoboRavens earned the opportunity to compete at the Ontario District Championships in Mississauga from April 10-13, 2019.  The RoboRavens had an amazing time at the FRC Ontario District Championships and performed very well:

  • Competed in the Science Division and ranked 7 out of 40 teams in the division at the end of the qualifying matches.
  • Named Captain for Alliance #5 for the elimination rounds. Our Drive Team Lead looked very sharp in the red cap that comes with this honor!
  • We selected 2 teams to play with us in the eliminations: Team 865 – WARP7 and Team 7558 – ALT-F4. We faced tough competition from Alliance 4 and were eliminated in the quarterfinals.
  • At the end of the Ontario District Championships, we ranked 37 out of the 173 teams playing in Ontario. This was just a few spots shy of qualifying to play at the World FRC Championship in Detroit from April 24-27.

The RoboRavens had an amazing run this season and have much to be proud of. You can check out the stats at https://frc-events.firstinspires.org/2019/team/4783#district.  More important than the stats, the students and mentors have grown and learned so much about themselves, leadership, adaptability, prioritization, goal setting, and technical skills. This growth and learning show itself every day in the confidence and pride that is behind the smiles of every person on the team.  

Without all of the RoboRaven sponsors: Telus, Carleton University, Mitel, Pleora, ICOR, ILS Canada and individual donors and support of family and friends; the RoboRavens would not have had the opportunity to experience all of the successes this season nor make their first appearance at the FRC Ontario District Championships.  The RoboRavens give you our most heartfelt gratitude and thanks.

Ottawa is making a name for ourselves with FIRST and FRC. For the FRC 2019 Deep Space season, there are 6 teams from the area that competed: Team 2706 – Merge Robotics, Team 2994 – ASTECHZ, Team 3543 – C4 Robotics, Team 4783 – RoboRavens, Team 7267 – Lisgar Robotics, and Team 7476 – Earl of March Lions.  All of the area teams worked hard and represented themselves and the Ottawa region well.  It will be interesting to see if there will be any new FRC teams competing in the 2020 FRC Infinite Recharge season.  

There is other exciting news for the Ottawa area! At the Ontario Championships, FIRST Canada announced that Carleton University and CU FIRST will be hosting a District Event on March 13-15, 2020, which is expected to become an annual event! Mark your calendars so that you can come and watch a number of the Ontario robotics teams in action!  The RoboRavens hope to see you there!

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