Why Prototype?

The announcement of the yearly FIRST competition excites and brings joy to everyone. This is a time where the gears of all the participant’s minds […] Read More

Week Six!

Over the last week, we worked at full capacity to finish the robot before Stop Build Day. We were able to work around the clock […] Read More

Week Five!

We have been working very hard through week 5! This week, we finished majority of the work we had left from the past 4 weeks. […] Read More

Weeks Three & Four!

Our third and fourth week were primarily focused on working in our four separate subdivisions, and letting people study for their exams. The pacing of […] Read More

Week Two!

This week our team spent most of its time working in our four subteams: business, programming, build, and design. We had some full team meetings […] Read More

Week One!

During our first week, we started our design process to create our robot for this year! The first day, each member of the RoboRavens was […] Read More

FRC Kickoff 2018

The annual FIRST Robotics Kickoff is an event planned to gather FRC teams from around Ottawa to witness the release of the year’s challenge, pick […] Read More

Two Weeks Left!

With exams approaching, the RoboRavens have been working hard into the end of the new semester. Week 1 was largely composed of brainstorming and organizing the […] Read More