Current Programming Status!

In the past weeks we have been working hard through our summative assignments, exams, and the start of the new semester. Our programming team is typing away the subprograms of the various functions of the robot, our design team is clicking away at the digital designs, and our build team is propelling those designs into reality. However our journey is far from over, in fact it has only just begun. Upon finishing our robot, that will be capable of driving and shooting balls into the tower, we will travel to Oshawa to participate in the FRC Greater Toronto East Regional.

Our programmers are delegated tasks based on their interests and strengths. We have programmers for five different and essential functions of the robot: the drive, the ball shooter, the robot lifter, the vision (sensors, cameras), and the intake mechanisms of ball. The programmer’s focus is on command base programming. From the beginning our programmers learned the C++ language from scratch. Over long afternoons after school, the programmers learned and refined their skills to become important assets to our team.

Through the manipulation of digital designs, the creation of code, and the build of the robot itself, we are learning the applications of engineering, inspiring the next generation of future innovators and world changers. We are able to push further than the limitation of theory and shoot into the world of reality.

High school robotics will definitely be useful in our university and professional careers.

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