2018 – Power Up

The 2018 Power Up robot was a high reaching robot that ran on six wheels. The weight of this robot was contained down low to provide stability and had an easy-off cover for our electronics. The climbing mechanism for this robot had two rails with two lead screws for lifting. This robot also had a rotating mechanism for picking up cubes across the game field.

Design Objectives

The team decided that the most important capability for the robot was to have the ability to gain points. With this in mind, the following objectives were set and prioritized as follows:

  • Owning the scale
  • Climbing
  • Owning the Vault/Switch

Design Principles

In order to meet the objectives outlined above, we adhered to the following parameters:

  • Meet dimension and safety restrictions 
  • An efficient climbing mechanism
  • System for picking up, raising, and placing power cubes
  • Two cameras with the ability to toggle the front face of the robot
  • Reduced delay on image transfer for vision
  • Maintaining accessibility of electronic components

Lessons Learned

  • We came up with different ideas for the various tasks
  • Used our priorities to determine what our best design could be
  • Depended less on other teams for assistance
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