2018 FRC Kickoff Event

The 2018 FIRST POWER UP Ottawa Kickoff is almost here! It will take place at Carleton University, on Saturday, January 6th, 2018 at 10:30 am. This will be the second annual kickoff held in Ottawa. We will be attending the kickoff, and people who cannot attend or are interested in viewing the event may watch the live reveal online (to be announced soon). We will join other teams from the Ottawa district in comparing notes, understanding the game, making friends, and picking up the kit of parts for the season. We will also be attending a quick Strategy Session to get ready for an exciting build season. Some of the teams attending are Team 2706 “Merge Robotics,” Team 2994 “The ASTECHZ,” Team 7267 “Lisgar Lords,” and us, Team 4783 “RoboRavens.”

Since the teaser for this year’s game, FIRST POWER UP was released in September, the RoboRavens have been speculating about what the game may be. Anticipate another article soon outlining some of the theories we’ve come up with. We’re very excited for the new FRC season to begin! Go RoboRavens!

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