2016 – Stronghold

Our robot for the Stronghold competition was a low profile robot running 4 wheel, independent drive and tank-style steering. It featured a suspension system allowing up to 3 inch travel, allowing the robot to maintain traction while adapting to terrain conditions. It featured a pivoting ball collection/launching system at the front. The control system was mounted on a hinged platform, allowing it to be flipped back for access to the power distribution system below.

Design Objectives

The team decided that the most important capability for the robot to have, was the ability to weaken defences. With this in mind, the following objectives were set and prioritized as follows:

  • Low enough to fit under the low bar
  • Ability to cross all the terrain-based obstacles
  • Capable of collecting and scoring balls in both the low goal and high goal
  • Capable of climbing the tower
  • Capable of opening door-based obstacles

Design Principles

In order to meet the objectives outlined above, we had to adhere to the following parameters:

  • Less than 15 inches in overall height
  • Minimum ground clearance of 5 inches
  • A suspension system allowing the drive system to adapt to the terrain.
  • A pivoting ball collection and launching system
  • Maintaining accessibility of electronic components


  • The team won the Judge’s Award
  • 8th alliance captains
  • Most points for defense

Lessons Learned

  • Learned about team organization
  • Developed a formal scouting method
  • Improvised materials can prove very useful
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