2012 Mock-Game

Last week, we looked at the 2012 FRC game animation “Rebound Rumble”. We split the team into three groups to come up with basic ideas of how the robot would work. This includes picking up balls and how to throw it. After our discussion, we came together as a group to share what we came up with. The first team shared how to use a catapult arm or slingshot system to get the ball into the hoops. The second one talked about conveyor belts to shoot the ball in the hoops. The third team told us how to use spring bumpers to defend our baskets. After the discussion, we learned about the process of design, which begins with an idea, any idea. From this point, prototypes follow. Testing, re-designing, and re-testing are integral parts of creating the best possible product! The members have now learned, and will apply these concepts in the weeks leading up to competition. Overall, it taught all members, old or new, how to work with their fellow teammates, and helped us grasp key ideas before the all-important build season begins.

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