Collaboration with CPRT

A few weeks ago one of our team members took an interest in exploring different angles of robotics in Ottawa. They stumbled upon the Caleton Planetary Robotics Team, a team situated at Carleton University that designs and constructs space rovers.  Our two teams have emailed back and forth, and eventually found a great opportunity to get together at the CPRT Critical Design Review for the 2018-19 season.

Unfortunately, many students were unable to make it due to school or other commitments, but one of our captains, our build lead and one of the junior build leads had a great time!

They spent a few hours at Carleton with many of the leads from the CPRT and a few industry professionals to go over their design for this year’s robot. They asked questions, gave ideas and participated in an invigorating conversation with university STEM students, many of whom had participated in FRC during their high school years. It was great to get advice, opinions and suggestions from experienced alumni, especially when it comes to quick fixes and brainstorming about our robots.

After getting a sense of the inner workings of their team, they came to the conclusion that our teams are very similar, and that we can benefit from learning from each other. The RoboRavens are very excited for our next meet, and we hope to see them at the CuFIRST kickoff in January.

The CPRT website and social medias are linked below, and we thank them again for allowing us to engage in their design. Thanks CPRT!








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